Got a really nice review from YA writer Dalya Moon :)

The review is below, and feel free to check out Dalya’s great site

I first “met” Kerem through a writer’s forum, so when I noticed his collection of short stories was available for free from Amazon for a promotional day, I downloaded it to my Kindle. Within a few minutes, I was purchasing his YA Novel, My Last Summer. I read it over about three days and LOVED it.

Here’s the thing.

Most YA books are written by adults. And a lot of the characters feel like adults, or cool hybrids of the adult writer mind and an imaginary teen character. Some of the teens act like they know they’re in a book.

My Last Summer is not one of those books.

It’s the kind of book where you think the author has sat down a real girl and thoroughly interviewed her … perhaps even done some sort of brain-scan thing, and you’re reading this character’s thoughts, and not the author’s.

The prose was very lovely, almost poetic in spots. Just a nice rhythm, and a very engaging read.

If you like character-driven stories, check out Kerem Mermutlu’s My Last Summer.

Full disclosure: Kerem also blogs on, where several of us authors blogs about books and stuff. He did not influence my review.